Many of you knew Jesse Phibbs as a Racer – he was also a hockey player.

So similar to how a hockey players creed would read, we have instead written a creed outlining a new and very special distinguished award to be given each year – starting in 2011 to a young racer involved in motorcycle racing of any kind at the Erie Ramblers Motorcycle Club. Never before have we had to face a major injury and then a passing of a club member. With the blessing and endorsement from Matt and Michele – Jesse’s parents – We have established this IDEAL award to honour him – just as Jesse was an ideal club member, racer, enthusiast, son, brother, boyfriend, nephew, grandson, classmate, friend and so much more.

Jesse’s Creed:

Racers come in assorted weights, heights, jersey colors and numbers,But all racers have the same creed To ride every second of every lap of every race To the best of their ability. Racers can be found everywhere In the pits, at the corners, riding around,Falling down, whizzing by, bumping bars,Or inching past the competition.

Club members will rib them, officials penalize them,Family and friends cheer them,Older brothers and younger brothers idolize them,Mothers worry about them and repair shops love them.

A Racer is courage on two wheels,Hope in a helmet, pride in padsAnd the best of youth in a jersey and boots.

Gas it and go, tougher-than-leather and bred to go-faster

Steering into the corners with full throttle and through a face full of roost – they shall fly.

All in the name of motorcycling racing…to the best of their avail.

Jesse was a kid that did well in school, always practiced to improve his skills and was committed to all he put his mind to. He was a young guy that showed complete sportsmanship and was always mannerly.

He wasn’t necessarily the best rider out there each time but the kid always tried hard and put his heart into each time he hit the race track. He was always sure to thank those that helped him. He spent time with the younger ones, providing encouragment as he mentored them along the way. The younger members idolized him, his peers and friends adored him and us older ones – well – we were so very proud of him. All that being said, Jesse always had fun.

So the Ramblers would like to announce and introduce “The Jesse Phibbs Memorial Award for Junior Riders

So you young ones listen up…

The winner of this award should do well in school, they must practice to improve his or her skills and be committed to all he or she put his or her mind to including other sports and interests. The winner will show sportsmanlike conduct, always be respectful, thankful, appreciative and mannerly to all. He or she need not be the best rider but must alway try hard and put his or her heart into each and every time that they hit the race track. The other important thing to remember is that you always have fun.

This award will NOT be limited to dirt track riders, this will be considered across the board and include any young RAMBLERS motorcyclists up to the age of 25.

The Erie Ramblers Executive will meet at the end of the season and review all candidates for this award. Remember, this is NOT based on racing points but on the criteria I mentioned earlier.

We hope this award inspires as well as encourages our younger members to not only be better motorcyclists, but better students, better riders and most of all be a better person. After all Jesse was a wonderful example for all of us. Make him proud.


Written by and Thanks to Kathy Vincent